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Our Hobby for the Love of Nature

As a husband and wife team, Jan and Marelize van Heerden from Mbombela, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Our love for nature and amateur photography started in 2013 when we visited the Kruger National Park. First we started taking amateur photos with a small Canon Powershot A800 digital camera. With every visit to the Kruger National Park our love for nature and photography, and sharing our photos and experiences with all our friends and family grew so much that we decided to upgrade our camera and equipment. We are currently using a Canon EOS 700D, Canon EOS 1100D, and a Canon EOS 100D camera. The lenses we use are a Canon EFS 18-55mm, Canon EFS 55-250mm and a Sigma DG 150-500mm APO HSM lens.

With all the new equipment we still classify ourselves as amateurs and are only taking photos as a part time hobby.  We joined a Facebook group, Kruger National Park – Best place on earth, where we posted some of our photos and experiences of the park. We interacted with other nature lovers and shared some of our best photos with the group.

The excitement of always trying to capture the best photo became an addictive hobby and we started visiting the Kruger National Park on a regular basis.  Every photo to us is very special and unique. Capturing the “Big Five” and some of the endangered species such as the Rhino and Wild dog makes it so much more rewarding.

Our main aim with this website is to share all our amateur photos of the wild, with all nature lovers and amateur photographers all over the world. Our photos are all taken from a tourist view as seen by any tourist visiting the  Kruger National Park. We also encourage all amateur photographers to interact with us and share their special photos and experiences.

Please support any Safe the Rhino and/or anti poaching initiative. SANPARKS Crime Hotline: 080 0004 424

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